We invite participants interested in feminist perspectives in social computing and technology to join us for a pre-conference workshop at CSCW 2015. We will explore literature and empirical studies to build a set of creative dialogues around the topics of diversity, sexual orientation, cultural attitudes, sociopolitical affiliations, and other emergent themes. Conversations will be directed toward the challenges of using a feminist approach in CSCW scholarship, fueled in particular by the following generative questions:

How do the concerns of feminism and queer studies align with the central concerns of CSCW?

How can we pragmatically employ feminist reflexivity to understand current CSCW interests in mobile development, big data, and social media, or distributed practices?

How might we better represent our technological innovations and mediated collaborations through feminist and queer studies approaches?

What are the gaps that feminist perspectives can fill for CSCW scholarship?

How can we employ feminist perspectives to consider the nature of both work and leisure life?

How can feminist approaches be used to identify and legitimize different forms of work central to CSCW concern?

We hope to unpack the unifying threads connecting the many epistemological approaches across disciplines, field sites, theoretical contributions, and methodologies that employ the term “feminism” for studies of technology and collaboration. To learn more, see Background.

Important Dates

Submissions due: Dec 1, 2014 5pm EDT

Acceptances announced: Dec 15, 2014

Workshop date: March 15, 2015

Application Procedure

If you are interested in joining us, please submit a position paper (1000-word limit) that includes:

  1. A vignette or anecdote from your work or from existing literature that illustrates your opinion on the purchase or challenge of a feminist approach.
  2. Three (3) or more relevant references annotated to generate discussion on feminist approaches in CSCW.
  3. Author biography including current research or potential goals of research.

All proposals must be submitted in English. Papers will be selected via blind review based both on quality as well as breadth of perspective in order to ensure a broad conversation on gender. Accepted position papers will be circulated within the participant group prior to the workshop and made available post hoc on the workshop website (with permission).

SUBMISSIONS and questions may be emailed to feministcscw-l@cornell.edu.

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